happy Thanksgiving

Highland Elementary pre-k students dish turkey recipes


I go to the turkey farm in West Virginia.  Go to the pond. Pay money to the farmer. Put the turkey in my daddy’s jeep. Rip the feathers off. They tickle your nose! We put him in the fire for a minute. It’s hot! He burns his tongue and screams. Put him on a big platter. Daddy cuts him up! Spread salt on him. We eat him! Mommy makes green beans and sweet potatoes and nana pie. William and Jesse like to eat chicken. Grandma and Poppa and Grandpa are coming! All the people are coming!

~ Calvin, 4

I get my turkey from the woods. I go with daddy in the woods. I have a four-wheeler. It’s wrecked. I drove it over a cliff. I can still drive it. Daddy and I sneak up on the turkey. I’ll get my gun out and shoot it. I’m gonna drive my four-wheeler with him on it. It goes sixteen hundred thousand miles per hour! I’m gonna rinse it off and wash all the blood off. I’m gonna use my knife to get the feathers off. We have an oven, I’m gonna put him in there for 20 seconds at 30 degrees. I’m gonna get it out of the oven myself and Mommy will cut it up. Mommy will make macaroni and cheese and pumpkin pie. I love ham and mustard! I’m gonna invite Mommy, Daddy and everyone else.

Cannon, 4

I am gonna get my turkey at the Dollar Store. I pay my mommy four dollars. Put it in the truck. Oh no! Daddy’s red truck broke down so we have to take Mommy’s car. Mommy drives really fast! Put the turkey in a pen. Feed it chicken feed. My daddy cuts his neck. We use scissors to cut the feathers off. Cut his legs off. Put him in the oven for three hours at hot. Put hot pepper sauce on him. Eat him. Mommy makes gravy, deer meat, macaroni and cheese and pumpkin pie. We invite my brother, Daddy, Nanny, Pawpaw, Aunt B, Clark, Aerie, JR, Jace, Taylor and Mommy and Uncle Paul and Kayla too. Blakelyn is Kayla’s baby. He’s so cute!   

Emma, 4

My daddy and my brother go into the woods. Me and Mommy stay at the house cause somebody’s gotta cook! They take their guns and my brother has a BB gun and he shoots deer and turkeys with it. The turkey hides behind the rock. The turkey comes out and my brother shoots it. They put it in the big truck and then they went down to the house. My daddy pulls the feathers off and then gets the fuzzy stuff off. Daddy cooks it on the stove for five seconds at five and five degrees. He cuts it up and then we put it on our plates and then we get a drink. Then we eat. Mommy fixes macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets. She makes cherry, marshmallow dessert. Then we watch TV and eat ice cream. Ava, Melody, Allison are coming to my house. And that’s all.

~ Everly, 4

I have a bunch a chicken at my home, maybe I’ll get one of those. Cut his neck. Cut off the feathers with scissors. Take out his teeth. Put him in an oven for seventy minutes at hot. Let it cool down all day. Daddy rips it. Put on plates with applesauce. Kathryn will eat with me. She will bring me a little Barbie house.

~ Graylynn, 4

I go in the woods with Mawmaw. We see turkey. Mawmaw shoots turkey. I put it in a bag. I pull off the feathers. I put it in a pot. Put in microwave for five days. Put a little gravy on it and macaroni and cheese on plate. Eat it! I like chocolate milk and Mawmaw’s chocolate cake. I invite Mawmaw and Granddaddy. 

Junior, 3

I’m gonna go to a turkey farm and pay the farmer forty-five dollars. Put the turkey in the truck. Someday I’ll go hunting with daddy. Bring it home and cut the feathers off. You might have to pull them off. Put in the pot, forty-five pinches of salt and some plain cheese. Cook it for forty-five minutes at forty-five degrees. Take it out of the pot, mommy cuts it up and puts it on plates. Put plain cheese on it and some rice. I like mashed potatoes too! Eat it up! My grandma’s coming in the morning. She might bring her tablet for me to play games. She might stay for forty-five days!

Kenner, 4

I go to the grocery store. I go to Walmart. I pick it up. I cook it in the oven for six minutes. Eat mashed potatoes with brown gravy, mac-n-cheese, green beans, sweet potatoes and rolls. Where’s the pumpkin pie? I eat with Mommy, Mick, Max, Dada, Mawmaw, Pawpaw, Nanny, Pap, Aunt Trina, Uncle Scotty and Charles.  

~ Maverick, 4

I will go to my granddaddy’s turkey house and get some turkeys. Then we are gonna shoot it with Mommy’s gun. Put it on the truck and put a strap on it. You don’t want it to blow away. Use the tweezers and take off the feathers. Take the bones out so you can eat it. Put it on the grill for 13 minutes on hot. When it’s done, put it on a big plate and put a lot of salt on it. My daddy cuts with a big, sharp knife. We have a whole bunch at the house. We are gonna have a big turkey at my house cause everyone is coming to my house: Grandma, Granddaddy, Mawmaw, Ezlyn, Justin, Angie, Brenda and Pawpaw and Mrs. Thomas.

Raegen, 4

I’m gonna go to a field. She’ll be by the pond. I shoot the turkey with my Minnie Mouse gun. Carry it home. Cut the feathers off with scissors. Put in a pan. Put sprinkles on it. Put it on the grill and cook for four days. Daddy cooks it outside and a raccoon came up and Daddy ran inside! Daddy cuts up the turkey and put it on plates. Mommy makes eggs, green beans and pumpkin pie and Minnie Mouse cake. She puts sprinkles on it! Mawmaw, Pappy, MiMi, Grammy, Pawpaw come and eat with us! Daddy takes a nap!

~ Olyvia, 4

Me and Daddy go in the woods. We are gonna drive the side by side up in the woods. Hide from ‘em then they can’t see you. Wait for one to pass us. I’m gonna shoot it with my BB gun. Will a BB gun kill ‘em? Take it home and clean it. Take a water hose and spray it. Make sure you clean the feet. Then, cut the feathers off with my pocketknife. I put it in cooking pan and cook it on the stove for sixty seconds at 65 degrees. We don’t cut it. Pull the meat off and eat it. Put ketchup and mustard on it. Eat it with bread. Then we will go to Mimi’s house and have a party!

~ Wyatt, 4


HES children give advice on preparing Thanksgiving turkey


Well, first you have to go kill a turkey. My daddy or my mommy will get it in the woods with a gun. They bring it home in their car. You have to cut the feathers off with a knife and put them in the trash. You need to wash the turkey with water because it might be dirty. Now you have to cook it in a pot with pepper and you put it in the oven. The oven has to be hot, hot, hot, like one million degrees. You cook it for 10 minutes. Then, you take it out and put it on the table for all the people coming for Thanksgiving and for me. Daddy and Mommy and my sister Lacy will be there. We will have spaghetti too. I really like spaghetti. We will have broccoli too. I love broccoli. We might have cauliflower too. I hope we have pumpkin pie and chocolate chip cookies. 

~Kelsey Terry

We get our turkey from the store. We will go to my grandma’s house. Grandma will cook our turkey. She will put it in a pan with seasoning, maybe like pepper. I love pepper! Then she will pop it in the oven. It has to cook for two days at 20 degrees. While we wait we will drink some juice. Mimi will make some casseroles and maybe mashed potatoes. My mom will make a burrito casserole with meat and corn and beans. Mimi will let us have some stuff like candy. We know the turkey is ready when the oven dings. Then you get it out of the oven and we let it cool down and put it on a plate. Then we will say some prayers before we eat. We might have macaroni too. I hope so. We will have iced cookies and chocolate cake too. We will have pumpkin pie also. I hope we will have whipped cream with our pie. We can make a smile with our whipped cream. It is going to be a great Thanksgiving!

~Koah Hedrick

We get our turkey from the turkey store. We bring it home and put it in a big pan. We put it in the oven at 33 degrees for maybe one hour. It is ready when the oven beeps. Next, you take it out and we eat it. We will have salad and some cranberries, and strawberries. We will put the cranberries on top of the turkey. That looks pretty. We might have some little sausages and maple syrup too. I love maple syrup. Mamaw and Memaw, my mom and dad, and grandaddy Donald will be there. We will eat at two o’clock. If we run out of turkey, we will get another one and cook it another day too. We won’t have pumpkin pie because we don’t really like it. My mommy is the only one who likes pumpkin pie. I hope we have lots of pancakes and maple syrup for Thanksgiving!

~Kasey Hedrick

I am not really sure where we get our turkey. I think my dad gets our turkey. We don’t have a gun because my mama doesn’t like them. My dad goes into the woods with a sharp knife and pokes a turkey. He will wrap it up in a blanket and bring it home. He will pull the feathers out and then wash the turkey really, really good. We will use the feathers to decorate. Mom will put it in a pot and put it in the oven at 98 degrees for one hour. It will be ready when it is orange and brownish. We will put it on the dinner table and slice it. We will have mashed potatoes, chicken soup, loaves of bread, and I think some pumpkin pie. We will also have some apple cider. I hope my grandma and grandpa will come for Thanksgiving. Ally, Oma, and I think Uncle Mike might be coming too. Uncle Ralph might come too. Some will stay at our house and some will stay in our Airstream past the river. It’s a really nice Airstream. After dinner I think we will play games with some friends. I think my grandma and grandpa and everyone will stay for five days. I am excited about Thanksgiving!

~Haven Lewis

We get our turkey down in the forest. My daddy will go hunting and kill a turkey. He will bring it home and clean it up with a knife and some scissors. He will put the feathers in a special box. Next, Moo Moo, my grandma, will rinse off the turkey. Mom will put it in a pot and put it in the oven. She will cook it for one hour at eight degrees. We will wait for it to cool for 11 hours. Then, we will have the turkey and some chicken wings with barbecue sauce. My whole family will come for Thanksgiving. My aunts are going to come visit for 59 minutes and have dinner with us. Uncle Drew is coming too. He will go deer and turkey hunting. I will go with him. I got one squirrel last year. Maybe I’ll kill a squirrel and we will have it for Thanksgiving too. I am excited about Thanksgiving coming.

~Dyer Jackson

I really don’t know where we get our turkey. I think my mom gets it at the dollar store or in Franklin. We have to put the turkey in a pot and put icing on it. I love icing. Next you put it in the oven for 50 minutes at like 40 degrees. It is ready when the icing looks good and like rainbow colors. Then we get it out and eat it. People come to our house. Our friends and family come. I like chicken and meat a lot. I hope we have blueberry pie with chocolate chip ice cream. I am happy about Thanksgiving coming.  

~Dagan Starkey

My uncle from England is coming for Thanksgiving. I am excited to see him! We will have turkey for Thanksgiving. My daddy will go out hunting and get us a turkey. When he brings it home we will have to pull off the feathers. I will take them outside and play with them. Next, you put it in a pan and cook it on the stove. We will cook it for five hours at 10 degrees. It is done when the bell rings. Then we get it out of the oven and slice it. I hope we have macaroni and cheese and salad too. My mom will make a chocolate cake. I will help her ice it and put rainbow sprinkles on it. After we eat, I will go outside and play and my baby brother will take a nap.

~Melody Lee

We get our turkey from the woods. I go hunting for our turkey with my daddy. You have to shoot it in the head to kill it faster. After you get it, you have to cut off the feathers. Then you put the feathers in the fire to burn them. Then you have to cut the turkey with a knife to get the meat. You have to wash it outside with the hose. Then you take it inside and cook it in a pan. Put it in the oven and cook for 25 minutes in a really hot oven. You have to wait for it to get done and then when the timer says ding, then it’s done. Now you can slice it and eat it. I like mashed potatoes and gravy with our turkey. I will have orange juice with it. I hope we have pumpkin pie. Nanny and Pap, my dad and mom, and my dad’s nanny will all come. We will watch TV and go outside and have fun. I will ride my dirt bike while the turkey cooks. I am excited.

~Levi Whitelaw

We get our turkey at the Dollar Tree. I get toys there too. We cook our turkey in the microwave. My mommy does it. It has to cook in the oven too. I think you cook it for five minutes at 500 degrees. It is ready when it is brown. Now you can get it out and put it on the table. Kylie, my sister, likes turkey. I hope we have macaroni and cheese and potato chips for Thanksgiving too. We will have Reese’s for dessert. That’s all. I don’t have any pie at my house. Lexi will come, and my mommy and daddy will be there too. My grandma Susan will come too. Grandaddy Jeff is heaven. I miss him! I hope a lot of my family comes for Thanksgiving. Isaac and Kyle, my cousins, will come. They’ll bring cars to play with. Joshua will come too. 

~Alayna Burns

We process our chickens and turkeys for Thanksgiving. We use something on our tractor like a piece of wood and a can. We have a table to cut out the guts and get the heart out. We get the feathers off too. Then we boil the chickens. We bring two in and put them in a pan. Mama sprinkles salt on them. She puts it on the stove. You have to cook it for 45 minutes at 60 degrees. Then you get them out and slice them. I like salt and ketchup on my turkey and chicken. I will have apple juice with it. My grandma and Zachary will come for Thanksgiving. They will stay for a few days. I am excited to see them. My sister Isabelle and I will play inside. We will have fun! That’s it.

~Gabriel Conner

We get our turkey from the woods. Me and daddy go hunting for our turkey. Daddy takes a big gun and we go down in the woods and find two turkeys. They are black and red. Daddy shoots one turkey and then we take it back to the truck. We go back home and take off the feathers. You have to cut them off. You can throw them in the trash. Next you have to wash it off. Then you put salt on the turkey and some pepper too. Now you can cook it in the oven for five minutes at 100 degrees. It is ready when the timer rings. Now you can get it out of the oven and put it on a plate on the table. We will have salad, hot sauce, and mashed potatoes too. Mamaw and Papaw will come. We will have mac and cheese and pumpkin pie too. We will eat and then play games like Paw Patrol.” I can’t wait!

~Brynlee Warner

We get our turkey from the grocery store. I bring it home and put it in my room for five minutes. Then Mommy will cook it. First, you gotta put some salt and pepper on it. We put it in a pot in the oven. You cook it for two minutes at 300 degrees. It is done when the oven beeps. Next you get it out and you can eat it. We will have potato chips and Flaming Hot” chips with it. We will have popcorn with it too. Mommy will fix green beans and peas. Pop-Pop, Nona, Papaw and Granma, He-He, and Mommy and Daddy will be there. Neveah will come too. I hope we have chocolate ice cream for dessert. I will play X-Box with Daddy while the turkey cooks. I am looking forward to being with my family. I am excited. 

~Ayden Malcolm