Kindergartens celebrate their end-of-the school year

MONTEREY — Highland Elementary School celebrated 13 students moving up from kindergarten to first grade with a dinner and show for their families on June 1.

“It’s a night for them to shine and to spotlight all their hard work,” said teacher Ann Foster.
The cafeteria tables were decorated with animal-themed planters the students had made as part of their study of animals. A trip to the Virginia Safari Park was a favorite of students and staff.
“That’s my favorite, favorite field trip,” Foster said. “It just links to so many things we learned.”
“I like going on the wagon at the safari park,” said five-year-old Kelsey Terry, who added that she liked the zebra best.
Dyer Jackson said recess was his favorite thing in kindergarten “because it has fun stuff!” He also enjoyed learning about caterpillars. “They can turn into butterflies, and they die when they’re 21 years old,” he said enthusiastically, though he mixed up days for years.
Monarch butterflies typically live for two to six weeks.