Highland 8th-graders mark stepping up to high school

MONTEREY — The class of 2027 was recognized at the Middle School Stepping-up

Ceremony June 2, followed by a dance for all middle school students.
Eight-grader Jack Herold started off the program. 
“I, for one, will never, ever be able to forget some of the memories I made here,” Herold said, listing some of the best and funniest events of the past three years. “As we are leaving our teachers behind and taking our hooliganism with us, we will never forget middle school.”
Most of the nine rising ninth-graders cited a trip to Washington, D.C., as one of their favorite events. Their best advice to upcoming students was to “avoid drama” and enjoy the years.
Superintendent Dr. Drew Maerz had some wisdom for the class as they move up to high school next year.
“High school is not about keeping score,” he said. “High school is about choices.
“It’s about who you choose to make happy. It’s about friendship. High school is about faith and integrity. It’s about creating relationships.”
Maerz advised the students to consider their choices in and out of school. “The door to opportunity is open for you at Highland High School,” he said. “Only you can choose your pathway. Your teachers can open doors. Your parents can open doors. But only you can choose to walk through them.”