Greek God of Technology

In the year 2000, Samsung, the god of technology was born. His parents are Hephaestus

and Athena. In his early years, Samsung was very displeased with the technology that the world
had to offer. Once he turned ten, he sat off on a mission to figure out what the mortals wanted.
During the trip, he realized that communication was extremely underdeveloped. Samsung
returned to Mt. Olympus thinking of a way to solve this newfound problem. His solution was
mobile devices that connected anyone anywhere at any time.
With his invention in hand, Samsung returned to the mortals. Samsung explained how it
worked but as he was doing this he realized he had a flaw. There was no way for the devices to
communicate with each other over long distances. Luckily for Samsung, the solution came to
him quickly, he would put towers in the sky. These towers would act as high-powered
transponders. The phone would send a signal a short distance to the tower, which in turn, would
send the signal wherever it needed to go.
With his problem now fixed Samsung returned once more with his devices. This time he
put one in America and one in Germany. The test was a huge success with everyone now
wanting one. Samsung carried out the mortal's wish by starting a company that produced so
many everyone could have them. The mortals thanked Samsung for his amazing invention. Over
the next few years, Samsung would continue to invent more devices to help mortals.
Samsung was happy with the impact he had made and decided to let mortals take over the
production of his devices. The mortals wished that Samsung would stay with them to make sure
that nothing would happen. He promised that he would be watching over them and making sure
that everything continued the way it should.

Samsung sat on top of Mt. Olympus watching over the mortals for many years. He saw
other mortals take advantage of his invention other than the people he had left it to. This worried
him knowing that competition could hurt his former company. With this in mind, Samsung
returned with the goal of stopping these competitors. To his surprise, they were very
unwelcoming to the god that had given them those beautiful devices. Samsung, bewildered at
their actions, flew into the sky turning off all of the towers, rendering the devices useless. Now
the mortals were scared knowing that they could do nothing to stop Samsung. After a few days,
the mortals begged him to restore the towers and promised never to do anything like that again.
Samsung satisfied with the apology turned the towers back on. Now, whenever the companies
make him mad he just turns off the towers. That is why what the mortals call cell service is
sometimes lost.