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Calling All Volunteers

Calling all Volunteers

Highland High and Elementary Schools are seeking volunteers to read with children, listen to children read, play reading and math games, practice flashcards, assist with math and reading remediation, mentor students and share knowledge.  Does this interest you?  If so, please complete the form and return it to the Highland Elementary School office or call Teresa Blum at 468-6360.


Name  _____________________________

Phone Number  ______________________

Email __________________________

I am willing to (check all that apply):

___ read to children    

___  listen to children read

___ review flashcards      

___  play reading and math games

___ assist with math and reading remediation

___ mentor students

___ share my knowledge about___________________________

___ other (please explain)_______________________________


I prefer:  

___ High School ___ Elementary School ___ both