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Speak Up!: An anonymous anti-bullying monitoring and management platform


We have re cently implemented - Speak Up!, an anonymous anti-bullying monitoring and manag ement platform enabling students, parents and community members to report bullying and cyber-bullying incidents. This two-way communication system is completely anonymous, masking your phone number and contact information to school ad ministrators receiving the message.


When a message is received, the school will be alerted and able to respon d. Please do not be alarmed when you receive a response, as the messaging system masks the phone number while still allowing for two-way communication. We hope with this new system we can assist our students in reporting incidents quickly and allow the school to respond appropriately.

To report an incident, please call or text 540-492-4866. If needed, you may wish to add this phone number to your address book for easy retrieval.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Teresa Blum at 540-468-6360 or Mrs. April Goff at 540-468-6320.