Mrs. Neil



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Mrs. Neil

      I was born in Richmond, VA in 1960 (you do the math).  I am a middle child, which may tell you more about me than anything else I could say.  My mom says that I have been falling into puddles and getting dirty most of my life.  And I did some crazy things in the name of science-- like eating dog doo when I was two.  I also sprinkled sand on Fritos to see if it tasted like salt (it didn’t), tried to dig a hole all the way to China (I couldn’t), swallowed a quarter and stuck a fake gemstone up my nose.  I was always exploring mud-puddles, picking up bugs and generally examining the world around me

     I remember really enjoying school. I was a nerd.  I liked the friendships, and being Miss Spring in the third grade play, but I really liked all the cool stuff I was learning.  I even played school with my brother and sister in my free time.  My sister was older, so she always got to be principal and my younger brother was always the student.  I was the teacher.  My favorite part was writing on the chalkboard and sending my brother to the principal to be spanked. 

   So there you have it—some of the early experiences that led to my becoming a STEM teacher.  I graduated cum Laude from JMU with a bachelor of science and a minor in Speech Pathology. I also have an endorsement in Gifted Education.  And, all of that practice with my brother and sister must have paid off.  In 2007 I won the prestigious Virginia Award for Teaching Excellence and was the state nominee for the National NEA Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence.

    I have been teaching in Highland County since I graduated.  My husband, two sons, and I farm cattle, sheep, chickens and horses.  The dogs and cats help us out when they can.  I can’t imagine living anywhere else.