College Entrance Exams

    There are two college entrance exams accepted in the United States, the SAT and the ACT

    Highland High School's Code Number is
    471455  for the SAT and ACT.

    Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) tests

    Log on to Virginia's Department of Education site for Instructional Services and Standards of Learning  Resources  and objectives to the different subjects having end of course SOL tests.  Released  SOL Tests  from past years are available to download, print, and practice . Writing SOL tests are administered to the 8th graders and juniors during March.  End-of-course tests are given in May. Students who fail the test may qualify for an expedited retake test.Students may also retake tests during the summer and in late fall following remediation and tutoring.


    ePAT provides test questions and format of actual test questions and is valuable preparation for the SOL Assessment.


    The ASVAB Career Exploration Program helps students learn about themselves and the world of work. It is a comprehensive career Exploration and planning program that includes a multiple-aptitude test battery, an interest inventory, and various career planning tools design to help a student explore the world of work. The ASVAB measures aptitudes including verbal skills, mathematics, science, electronics information, auto and shop information and mechanical comprehension. The test is followed by a lesson including a copy of Exploring Careers: The ASVAB Career EXploration Guide which includes an interest inventory, values inventory, and educational and training opportunities. This information combined with one's skills is useful in creating a list of occupational opportunities for individuals.
    The ASVAB is the military entrance exam and is administered by an examiner hired by the armed services. Recriters from different branches of the military assist in the interpretation of scores and presenting the ASVAB Career Exploration Guide.

    Interest and Personality Inventories

    Several interest inventory tests and personality assessments are available for personal profiling and career planning. Virginia View has Who Are You?, a quick fun interest inventory that groups activities within career families. There is also short inventories on the health  and trade families. Kuder is also linked from Virginia View and includes a longer career interest inventory, a skills assessment, and a values inventory. To take the Kuder, students may ask the guidance counelor for code numbers that will allow them to take the inventory for free and to use the website for resume building, college searches, etc. 
    Personality inventories are available from several sources, some free and some are not. Matching one's personality with different occupations can be very valuable when considering occupations.