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    Accelerated Reader

    The Independent Reading Program is part of the Library and English departments at Highland High School. Students are invited to visit the school libraries every week to check out a book and read independently. English teachers require students to take reading and vocabulary quizzes through the Accelerated Reading Program which is counted as a grade for the class.

    Students are recognized for the points they earn, and celebrate an AR field trip at the end of the school year for those achieving 150 points and greater.  

    The IRP/AR programs have increased reading scores and provided students with a greater interest for personal reading of all genres. Ultimately, there are increases in vocabulary, analysis of literary devices, and effective writing.  

    Reading is a lifelong opportunity, and Highland High School is

    proud to promote this important program.



    2019-20 HHS AR Flyer

    2019-20 HHS AR Honor Pledge

    Accelerated Reader