• Highland High School Library 2019-2020   HHS Welcome Letter

    Welcome to the Highland High School Library!  

    At Highland High, we have a wonderful collection of books just waiting to be read by our students.  An important missions of both the classroom and the library is to encourage a love of books and reading.  Students who can read and enjoy doing so are more successful in other subjects in school, and will have a greater chance of success in all areas of life as they grow and mature.

    Another important mission of both families and schools is to teach children to be responsible citizens of their environments.  Students learn to be responsible through participating in the process of selecting, borrowing, caring for and returning library books.

    Our circulation policy is:

    • Grades 6-12 students are allowed to check out five (5) books at a time.
    • Any student (6-12) who has an overdue/lost book, cannot borrow any more books until the overdue one is returned and/or replacement costs have been paid.  If a book is lost or damaged, parents/students are responsible for paying for the book.
    • Nook Tablets ~ These have a variety of books on them for the students to read. A list of the books is posted to the library website page (https://www.highland.k12.va.us/Page/1710).  The replacement cost for a Nook is $119.99.  If the Nook is lost/damaged, parent/students are responsible for paying for a replacement just the same as with books.


    Please sign and return the form to enable your child to begin using our school library.  

    For complete library policies, please see the school’s Student Handbook on the website: https://www.highland.k12.va.us/domain/177


    Thanks for your help and support in teaching our students the love of reading and being responsible citizens.  Please call the school at 540-468-6320 if you have any questions or concerns.


    Highland High School Library

    Patron’s Responsibility Form

    As a student enrolled in Highland High School, your child will be a patron of the school’s library.  

    Signing this form means that:

    • I have read the Library policies in the Student Handbook and/or online at https://www.highland.k12.va.us/domain/177.
    • I understand that I am responsible for paying for any library books or Nook ($119.99) checked out in my child’s name that are lost or damaged.


    Student’s Name_______________________________________________  Grade__________


    Parent’s Signature_____________________________________________________________