2016 – 2017


    To encourage effective involvement of parents and to reinforce the concept that academic achievement of children is a responsibility shared by parents and the school, Highland Middle School will:


    • Provide parents with information about the school curriculum, academic assessments, expected levels of proficiency, the Title I program, and how Title I funds are used. This information will be provided in the student handbook given to all students the first day of school.


    • Distribute a copy of the Highland Middle School Parental Involvement Policy to each parent by mail. The Highland County Parent Involvement Policy is available to parents on request and on the school website.  Parental input will be encouraged in the development and the improvement of these documents at Highland Title I Committee meetings and through the parent survey.


    • Establish goals for school and parent responsibilities for improved academic achievement by means of a School-Parent Compact. This compact is distributed to all parents by mail.


    • Seek representation by parents on the Highland Title I Advisory Committee and discuss Title I topics at these meetings a minimum of two times during the year.


    • Conduct a Title I Parent Survey each year, using the results to define goals and make improvements to the Title I program.



    • Provide a “Family Night” to support state academic standards and to provide parents with strategies and materials to reinforce student learning at home.


    • Provide reading assignments to encourage parents to engage in supportive learning activities with their children.


    • Address the importance of school-parent communication with:

    Ø  Parent/teacher conferences that are scheduled on November 3 and January 26 and as needed.

    Ø  Newspaper articles.

    Ø  Progress reports sent by the regular classroom teacher.

    Ø  Notes and phone calls to parents as needed.


    • Provide opportunities for parents to visit the school, observe, and volunteer. Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s education.


    • Provide opportunities for parents to make suggestions for planning, review, and improvement of Title I programs. These opportunities will be provided at Highland Title I Advisory Committee meetings.